PLOX Portable Power Bank

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PLOX Portable Power Bank
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The PLOX Energy Stick is a refined external power bank for
portable devices. In addition to extending the battery life of
your smart phones, the lipstick-shape design brings a touch
of fashion and elegance on-the-go.

The PLOX Energy Stick is equipped with an Apple connector
and USB output slot for charging nearly any smart phone.
Another male USB jack allows you to recharge the PLOX
Energy Stick from external sources like PC or DC adapter.
The patent-pending Lipstick-type Actuating Mechanism allows
you to release the 30-pin Apple charging tip and USB Male
jack alternatively by rotation.

Patented design with motion sensor to check the power
status without pressing any button, but SHAKE or TAP it!

Featuring a 3,000 mAh Li-ion battery, the Energy Stick is
enough to recharge your iPhone / iPod with 2 full charges.
Besides support charging on iPhone / iPod, the Energy Stick
NATBP26 is also compatible with Blackberry, Nokia, HTC,
Sony, Samsung, LG and PSP etc. in order to provide ultimate
compatibility to the most portable electronics devices.
The PLOX Energy Stick is your perfect companion on-the-go.

Fashionable design and high mobility
High capacity: 3,000 mAh
Four LED indicators with motion sensor to check the battery level
Charging protection
Compatible with most popular smartphones and digital devices
Apple MFi certified
Scratch-resistant coating for greater durability

Available in 6 appealing colours: Black, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink

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16th Jul 13